Engineering Project A (ELEC4710)


Students will work individually or in groups on an assigned project for the Semester. The concepts covered depend on the nature of the project, but broadly cover research and inquiry, and information literacy. While recognising that some projects can be interdisciplinary in nature, it is the normal expectation that the students would do the project in their chosen area of specialisation, i.e. Power Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Software Engineering students would do projects in the general area of Power, Telecommunications, Computer, and Software respectively.
This unit of study builds on the technical competencies introduced in the previous years. The project work is spread over two units (Engineering Project A and B). In Engineering Project A, students are required to plan and begin work on their project and roughly complete half the work required for the whole 'final year' project. In particular, it should include almost all the planning, literature review, and a significant proportion of the experimental or analytical work required of the project. The student will prepare a Progress Report at the end of semester detailing the context of the problem, relevant background research and progress to date. The progress at the end of Engineering Project A will be evaluated by the supervisor based on the thoroughness of the proposed program and the progress achieved during the semester. The student can only progress to Engineering Project B on attainment of a satisfactory result in Engineering Project A.
In Engineering Project B, the students are required to complete the remaining aspects of the project, present their results to their peers and academic staff in a seminar format, and prepare and submit a detailed Treatise.
The final grade is based on the work done in both Engineering Project A and B, and will be awarded upon successful completion of Engineering Project B.

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Project Work - own time


Through semester assessment (100%)

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36 credits of at least 3rd year units of study

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Note that students require permission from the HOS to do both A and B units in the same Semester, and will have an accelerated assessment schedule.

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