Sustainable Energy Systems (ELEC5206)


The unit builds upon the knowledge of engineering mathematics, electronic devices and circuit theory and simulation techniques. It deals with both technical and business aspects of sustainable electrical energy systems. In technical aspect, it focuses on energy conversion and electrical characteristics of different renewable energy sources and integration of multiple energy sources into power system both at distribution and transmission levels. In business aspect, it focuses on economical, marketing and political aspects of installing and managing sustainable electrical energy systems in present and future society. It lays a solid foundation of practical and managerial skills on electronics and electrical (power) engineering and later studies such as intelligent electricity networks and advanced energy conversion and power systems. The following topics are covered: modern power systems; distributed generation; co-generation; tri-generation; microturbines; fuel cells; renewable energy sources: solar, wind, hydro, biomass, wind turbines; photovoltaic; grid-connected power systems; stand-alone power systems.

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Through semester assessment (50%) and Final Exam (50%)

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Following concepts are assumed knowledge for this unit of study: familiarity with transformers, ac power, capacitors and inductors, electric circuits such as three-phase circuits and circuits with switches, and basic electronic circuit theory.

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