Power Systems Dynamics and Control (ELEC5211)


The unit deals with power systems modelling, analysis and simulation under dynamic conditions. The unit will cover the following topics:
- The links between power system steady state analysis and transient analysis
- Basics of dynamic system in general and stability analysis methods;
- Analysis of power systems subject to electromagnetic and electromechanical transients
- Power system modelling for stability analysis and electromagnetic transients analysis: Synchronous machine modelling using Park's transformation; Modelling of excitation systems and turbine governors; Modelling of the transmission system; Load modelling.
- Simulation of interconnected multi-machine systems
- Stability analysis: Transient stability; Small signal stability; Voltage stability;
- Power system control: Voltage control; Power system transient stability control; Power system dynamic stability control; Emergency control.
The unit is a specialist Unit for MPE (Power) and ME (Electrical and Power). It is also available as a recommended elective for BE Electrical (Power).

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Lecture 2 hrs/week; Tutorial 2 hrs/week; Laboratory 2 hrs/week.


Through semester assessment (50%) Final Exam (50%)

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Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

ELEC3203 OR ELEC9203 OR ELEC5732

The pre-required knowledge for learning this UoS is a deep understanding on circuit analysis and its applications in power system steady state analysis.

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