Power Systems Planning and Markets (ELEC5212)


Deregulation of the electricity industry has fundamentally changed the power systems operation paradigm. The focus has shifted from central planning of vertically integrated utilities to market driven operation. The increasing penetration of intermittent renewable energy sources has further increased the complexity. To equip the student with the necessary skills to address the challenges of modern power systems, the unit will cover the following topics: - Overview of the traditional electricity industry structure and operation: Economic dispatch and unit commitment; Power system reliability. - Drivers for the restructuring of the electricity industry. - Electricity market design: Market structures (spot, bilateral, hybrid) ; Energy market; Ancillary services market. - Electricity industry in Australia and the National Electricity Market - Power system expansion planning: Transmission planning; Generation planning; Power system adequacy assessment. - Distribution systems: Modern developments (distributed generation, demand management). The unit is a specialist Unit for MPE (Power) and ME (Electrical and Power). It is also available as a recommended elective for BE Electrical (Power).

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2hr lecture per week; 2hr tutorial per week; 2hr Laboratory per fortnight.


Through semester assessment (55%), Final Exam (45%)

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ELEC3203 or ELEC5732 or equivalent

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