Wireless Engineering (ELEC5508)


This unit will introduce the key ideas in modern wireless telecommunications networks. It will address both physical layer issues such as propagation and modulation, plus network layer issues such as capacity, radio resource management and mobility management issues.
The following topics are covered. Mobile radio channel: Multipath fading, diversity, log-normal fading, mean propagation loss, propagation models. Cellular technologies: Cell types, coverage, frequency reuse, spectral efficiency, link budget, power budget, traffic capacity. Omnidirectional and sectorised antennas. Handover, interaction with the fixed network. Microcells and macrocells, Medium access control: Near-far effect and the hidden terminal problem. Multiple access schemes: FDMA, TDMA, CDMA. Aloha and s-Aloha, carrier sense multiple access, reservation-based MAC schemes, polling, spread-aloha multiple access. GSM: System architecture, radio resource management, mobility management, connection management. Third generation systems: WCDMA and cdma2000. Wireless LANs: IEEE802.11, Hiperlan, Bluetooth. Convergence: GSM evolution to data services via GPRS and EDGE. Issues with TCP over wireless. Mobility management in MobileIP.

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Through semester assessment (30%) and Final Exam (70%)

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Basic knowledge in probability and statistics, analog and digital communications, error probability calculation in communications channels, and telecommunications network.

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