Technology Venture Creation (ELEC5701)


This unit of study prepares graduating students with insight and skills in how to turn a concept into a high technology startup company. The class will provide students with knowledge, practical experience and frameworks to assist in evaluating the market for a technology product or service, the design & viability of business models around it, the formulation of a funding-reading business plan & financials, capital raising options & process, venture capital, building distribution channels, intellectual property protection, putting together an A-grade management team, term sheets & funding documentation, technology sales models and going global. We will look at real world case studies of successful technology companies (and flame outs). Does Twitter have a viable business model? Will Facebook eat its lunch? Is YouTube just burning cash? Will Google rule the world? During the period of the course, students will form teams and write a business plan around a concept they propose. Each student will assume a role in the team (CEO, CTO, CFO, VP Sales & Marketing). The plan will be judged by a panel of real world venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and angel investors to determine the final grade for the course. The course is limited to 40 students (10 teams of 4) in addition to a waiting list of 8. Be warned that a serious commitment will be required in developing the concept into a viable business plan. The outcome, however, will be very rewarding to those students interested in starting the next Google. Prospective students should send an email in 400 words or less on why they want to enroll prior to acceptance, to the course email address. This course is taught by instructors experienced in technology startups & venture capital. The course will include a number of guest lectures by industry.

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2 hours of lectures and 1 hour visiting professional or team-based interaction exercise per week.


Through semester assessment (40%), Final Exam (60%)

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ENGG5102, ENGG4003

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