Advanced Bioelectronics (ELEC5803)


This unit will cover advanced topics in the application of electronics and signal processing to physiological monitoring, biosensors, electrical stimulation and medical imaging. Electrical safety and regulations of medical devices in Australia will be introduced. Guest lectures will describe the different needs and requirements in several clinical areas including neonatal care, oncology, cardiology and neurology.

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Through semester assessment (40%) Final Exam (60%)

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(ELEC2104 OR ELEC5720 OR ELEC9704) AND (ELEC2602 OR ELEC5722 OR ELEC9602)

Assumed knowledge

A strong foundation in control, signal processing and electronic devices and circuits is assumed including a knowledge of analogue and digital transistor operation, circuit building blocks such as the differential pair and current mirror, AC circuit analysis, Fourier analysis.

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