EMBA Report (EMBA6001)


This unit requires students to provide leadership on a strategic, Board level issue facing their organisation. In doing so students will be required to apply the cross-disciplinary knowledge, skills and personal attributes developed during the degree to a significant strategic issue confronting their organisation. Thus, as in other parts of the course, the approach to the project must be integrative, international in scope, and build in the wider context in which the organisation operates. The unit will require the student to demonstrate the leadership skills, knowledge and attributes developed throughout the course. This is the final component of the EMBA, and as such will allow students to draw on the content and experiences from throughout the course. Students will work closely with an in-company sponsor as well as an academic mentor to ensure the project is both of substantial and practical value to the organisation and completed with academic rigor. The completion of this Unit of Study is the final component of the Executive MBA.

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report proposal (10%), verbal board-level (or equivalent) presentation (25%), written business plan or report (30%), reflective essay (35%)

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Only students enrolled in the degree FC065 - Executive Master of Business Administration, are permitted to enrol in this unit of study

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