Finding Opportunity in Disruptive Technology (EMBA6005)


Technology has disrupted every business, from education to agriculture to manufacturing. Services from lunch spots to taxis to banking have had their business models disrupted by technology. Students need to be able to adapt their businesses to technological change, and indeed to embrace technology to keep their businesses ahead of trend. In this module students are taken to California, the home of tech start-ups, and of well-established tech companies, to examine how technology creates new businesses and alters those that already exist. An existing business is used to examine in detail how technology has changed their business model, and how they can use technology to recapture their position as a leading provider of their particular service. Students meet with entrepreneurs and academics who study entrepreneurial activity to see how they can be entrepreneurial themselves - either within their existing businesses or as founders of new businesses. Students also meet with academics who study the impact of diversity and social responsibility on business success. Students continue their work on how to manage themselves and their teams in a global environment.

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2-week residential block intensive in January


group project presentation (50%), group project executive summary document (15%), individual reflective report (35%)

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Only students enrolled in the degree FC065 - Executive Master of Business Administration, are permitted to enrol in this unit of study

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