Challenging Business Models (EMBA6006)


The biggest challenge facing most businesses today is that they don��t anticipate the changes in their market environment that fundamentally threaten the way they do what they do. This applies to the government sector and not-for-profits as much as it does to for-profit businesses. How do businesses ensure that they renew themselves before they become obsolete? This module is the culmination of the previous four Executive MBA modules, combining entering new markets, incorporating cutting edge technology and using leadership and management foundations to challenge existing business models. Students explore existing businesses that have managed this transformation well, and examine those that haven��t to determine what it takes to adapt an organisation to the changing circumstances it faces. A variety of technologies such as robotics, nanotechnology and wireless connectivity are also examined to see how they have transformed business models. The module also explores how to access and analyse the massive amount of data that is available, as well as when to focus on the human element. A major project on a progressive organisation enables students to apply what they have learned to this organisation��s transformation. The module takes place in two locations relevant to the chosen project - such as Israel, Germany or similar.

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2-week residential block intensive in June.


interim client report (15%), team client presentation (25%), team client report (25%), individual reflective essay (35%)

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Only students enrolled in the degree Executive Master of Business Administration, are permitted to enrol in this unit of study

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