Baroque Flute 8 (Extended) (EMUS4228)


In this unit, students prepare for their final recital programme. Students will present a public senior recital that will be assessed by a panel. They will undertake individual lessons that will focus on their artistic and technical performance preparation. On completion of this unit students should be able to perform a public recital with high levels of musical and interpretive awareness, technical facility, an interest and involvement in the art form, and a display of flair, creativity and empathy with other performers.

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13 one to one lessons/semester, 2 hours/week of performance workshop or unit specific classes, including at least 2 performances in the Performance Workshop.


Public recital at senior level assessed by panel (50 mins) (80%), Teacher grade (20%). Students must pass both assessed components.

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EMUS4227 or EMUS4627


EMUS4628 or EMUS4728

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ACCP3611/3612/3613 Recital Preparation 1, 2 or 3 must be taken by students who wish to use Faculty Accompaniment staff for their public recital.

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