Engineering Computing (ENGG1801)


The unit will introduce students to fundamental principles of programming. The language used will be Matlab but the principles taught are readily portable to other languages like C and Java. The unit material will be presented in a manner which will help students to draw a connection between programming constructs and real engineering applications. The unit will use engineering inspired case-studies : especially from Civil, Chemical, Aerospace and Mechanical streams, to motivate new material. There will be a major project which uses programming to solve a real world engineering problem. The extensive Matlab library for visualization will also be introduced. Matlab will cover two-thirds of the unit. The remaining one-third will be devoted to the use of Excel in engineering scenarios. Furthermore, cross integration between Matlab and Excel will also be highlighted.

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2 hour of lectures and 2 hours of computer laboratory sessions per week.


Through semester assessment (50%), Final Exam (50%)

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MECH1801, INFO1903, DESC9101, DESC9100, MECH1800, INFO1003, ISYS1003, COSC1002, COSC1901, COSC1001, INFO1000, COSC1902, DECO1003

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