Practical Experience (ENGG4000)


The aim of this unit is to give students exposure to work in an engineering organisation and gain some professional experience; to enhance a student's abilities and experience in report writing; to encourage self-evaluation in the context of applying their theoretical knowledge to real industry practise. Students will gain a better appreciation of the role of engineers in the workplace. The assessment will enhance the student's ability to present structured observations and reflections in the mode of a formal written report.
Each student is required to gain exposure to professional engineering practice and environments and to submit a satisfactory written report of his or her work. The report will include the requirement of a detail logbook recording tasks given and timelines set for achieving these. Self-evaluation of a student's personal level of knowledge and its applicability to the workplace is a major component of the reporting. Normally 12 weeks (60 days) of practical work experience is required, though the Faculty may accept alternatives that are judged as equivalent. Students are strongly encouraged to undertake their work experience in the break between Year 3 and 4 and definitely prior to commencing their final semester of study, however any engineering work taken after completing 28 credit points of 3rd year units of study may be accepted for the requirements of this unit. The University Careers and Appointments Service is available to assist students to obtain suitable employment. This unit of study is a core unit of study in all BE programs and must be passed in order to graduate from those programs.

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Practical Experience,


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Students should have completed three years of their BE program before enrolling in this unit.

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