Practical Experience (ENGG4000)


The BE requires students to obtain industrial work experience of twelve weeks duration (60 working days) or its equivalent towards satisfying the requirements for award of the degree. Students are recommended to undertake their work experience in the break between Year 3 and 4, however any engineering work taken after Year 2 may be accepted for the requirements of this unit.
Students must be exposed to professional engineering practice to enable them to develop an engineering approach and ethos, and to gain an appreciation of engineering ethics. and to gain an appreciation of engineering ethics.
The student is required to inform the Faculty of any work arrangements by emailing the Practical Experience Coordinator from the School running their program prior to the commencement of work. Assessment in this unit is by the submission of a portfolio containing written reports on the involvement with industry. Assessment is via Blackboard. For details of the reporting requirements, go to the faculty's Practical Experience web site. Students normally enrol in ENGG4000 after completing the practical work and will be assessed via written submission.

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Practical Experience


Through semester assessment (100%)

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36 credits of at least 3rd year units of study

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Students should have completed three years of their BE program before enrolling in this unit.

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