Reading Contemporary America (ENGL3616)


In this unit we will investigate aesthetic production in the United States since 9/11. Students will explore the most interesting and engaging cultural work done in the US over the last decade, focusing on diverse communities beset by war, poverty, decline, debt, and crisis. We will look at literature, film, television, radio, photography and art. Our centrepiece is a sustained consideration of the television series The Wire.

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1x2-hr seminar/week


1x1000wd presentation (20%), 1x1000wd critical reflection (20%), 1x4000wd research essay (60%)

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(18 senior credit points from English or Australian Literature) or (ARHT2656 and 6 credit points from (ARHT2652, ARHT2653, ARHT2655, ARHT2567, ENGL2627, ENGL2638, ENGL3604, FILM2601, HSTY2608, ICLS2637 or MUSC2663))


ENGL2635, ENGL2035

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