Orchestral Studies 3 (ENSE2005)


In these units of study, through a wide range of repertoire, students will develop the necessary skills for orchestral and ensemble performance, including refining intonation, tone control, working with a conductor, ethics and professional conduct of an orchestral musician.

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6 hours/ week ensemble rehearsal and performance, audition and developmental classes as scheduled by the unit.


Tutor/conductor assessment based on attendance participation, performance and preparation, (100%). Further details in the Orchestral Studies Handbook.

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WIND2713 or WIND2723 or WIND2733 or WIND2743 or STRG2703 or STRG2723 or STRG2743 or STRG2763 or STRG2773 or BRSS2703 or BRSS2713 or BRSS2723 or BRSS2733 or PRCN2703 or WIND2613 or WIND2623 or STRG2603 or WIND2633 or BRSS2603 or STRG2623 or WIND2643 or PRCN2603 or BRSS2613 or BRSS2623 or BRSS2633 or STRG2643 or STRG2663 or STRG2673

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Concurrent enrolment in Principal Study 3 in an appropriate orchestral instrument.

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