Orchestral Studies 4 (ENSE2016)


In these units of study, through a wide range of repertoire, students will develop the necessary skills for orchestral and ensemble performance, including refining intonation, tone control, working with a conductor, ethics and professional conduct of an orchestral musician.

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6 hours/ week ensemble rehearsal and performance, audition and developmental classes as scheduled by the unit.


Tutor/conductor assessment based on attendance participation, performance and preparation, (100%). Further details in the Orchestral Studies Handbook.

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BRSS2604, BRSS2614, BRSS2624, BRSS2634, BRSS2704, BRSS2714, BRSS2724, BRSS2734, PRCN2604, Co-requisites: One unti of study from the following collection: (PRCN2704, STRG2604, STRG2624, STRG2644, STRG2664, STRG2674, STRG2704, STRG2724, STRG2744, STRG2764, STRG2774, WIND2614, WIND2624, WIND2634, WIND2644, WIND2714, WIND2724, WIND2734, WIND2744

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