Forest Ecosystem Science (ENSY3003)


This unit of study enables students to understand the management and conservation of trees and forests in a changing climate. It is an elective unit for students enrolled in advanced topics for the Bachelor of Environmental Systems course program. Beginning with an introduction to the unique chemical, physical and ecological characteristics of trees, this unit then focuses on policy development and management prescriptions driven by fundamental processes of ecosystem function. At the end of this unit students will be able to articulate critical evaluations of scientific and policy based documents in relation to research and management of trees in the Australian landscape. Students will be given the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge of Australian forest management by participating in a 2 day field excursion (in week 6 of semester) combined with industry, government, research and conservation groups. At the end of this unit, students will be able to articulate strengths, weaknesses and improvements to the management of Australian forests for the purposes of production, conservation and climate change adaptation. Students will gain an intricate knowledge of tree function and be able to relate this understanding to the management of trees and forests in a changing environment. Students will develop skills to enable effective communication with industry, conservation and governmental groups.

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2 lectures/week, 1 tut/fortnight, 1 field excursion (2 days) in week 6 of semester


One 2hr exam (50%), one 2000w essay (40%), one oral presentation (10%)

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AGEN2001 or BIOL2023 or BIOL2923 or GEOS2121

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Prerequisites: Students require a basic understanding of plant biology. Understanding principles of plant taxonomy and ecology will also be an advantage.

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