Introductory Entomology (ENTO2001)


This unit is an introduction to insects, the most abundant group of organisms. The course explores insect biodiversity, evolution, phsyiology, anatomy and ecology. Real world examples are used to demonstrate the ecological roles insects play in natural and agricultural ecosystems (e.g. pollinators, herbivores, predators, parasitoids, disease vectors). This knowledge is then linked to aspects of applied entomology: integrated pest management, bioinspired technologies, medical entomology and insect conservation. Practical sessions focus on insect morphology and taxonomy, so that students learn to identify common insect orders and families. Students must make a representative insect collection. This course forms the basis of students' entomological knowledge for BScAgr and BHortSc degrees and lays the foundation for future study in entomology.

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(2x1hour lecture, 1x3hour practical, 1x1hour insect collection)/week, commencing week 1.


1 x 2hr exam (20%), 2 x lab quizzes (20%), 1 x insect collection (40%), group project (20%)


Recommended: Gullan, P.J. & Cranston, P.S. 2005. The Insects: an outline of entomology. 3rd edition, Blackwell Publishing, Malden, MA. 505 pp.
Zborowski, P. & Storey, R. 1995. A field guide to insects in Australia. Reed New Holland, Sydney. 207 pp.

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12cp from (BIOL1XXX, AGEN1004)

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