Applied Statistical Methods (ENVX2001)


This unit of study is a core 2nd year unit for students in the BEnvSys, BScAgr and BAVBSc degrees. It consists of two parts. In the first part students will learn the basics of experimental design and investigate how to use an ANOVA to analyse experiments with more than 2 treatment levels, multiple factors and different blocking designs. In the second part an introduction to a branch of mathematics called linear algebra is given with an emphasis on the applications to statistics and modelling. In this part the students will learn to model relationships between response and predictor variables using regression, and find patterns in datasets with many variables using principal components. During the practicals two software packages; Genstat and Excel, will be used to analyse real datasets. At the end of this unit, students will have learnt how to design and experiment and how to analyse data using ANOVA, regression and principal components, the basic methods needed for their future studies and careers.

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2x1 hr lectures/wk, 1x1 hr tutorial/wk, 1x2 hr computer practical/wk


1 × Exam during the Exam period (50%), 2 × Practical Tests (2x10%), 2 × Assessment Tasks (2x10%) and 8 Online Quizzes (8x1.25%).


No textbooks are recommended but useful reference books are:
-Mead R, Curnow RN, Hasted AM (2002) 'Statistical methods in agriculture and experimental biology.' (Chapman & Hall: Boca Raton).
-Quinn GP, Keough MJ (2002) 'Experimental design and data analysis for biologists.' (Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, UK).

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ENVX1001 or ENVX1002 or BIOM1003 or MATH1011 or MATH1015

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