Statistics in the Natural Sciences (ENVX3002)


This unit of study is designed to introduce students to the analysis of data they may face in their future careers, in particular data that are not well behaved, they may be non-normal, there may be missing observations or they may be correlated in space and time. In the first part, students will learn how to analyse and design experiments based on the general linear model. In the second part, they will learn about the generalisation of the general linear model to accommodate non-normal data with a particular emphasis on the binomial and poisson distributions, in addition to modelling non-linear relationships. In the third part linear mixed models will be introduced which provide the means to analyse datasets that do not meet the assumptions of independent and equal errors, for example data that is correlated in space and time. At the end of this unit, students will have learnt a range of advanced statistical methods and be equipped to apply this knowledge to analyse data that they may encounter in their future studies and careers.

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2x2 hr workshop/wk, 1x3 hr computer practical/wk


1 × Exam during the Exam period (50%), 5 × Assessment Tasks (5x10%)


Recommended readings:
-Mead R, Curnow RN, Hasted AM (2002) 'Statistical methods in agriculture and experimental biology.' (Chapman & Hall: Boca Raton).
-Quinn GP, Keough MJ (2002) 'Experimental design and data analysis for biologists.' (Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, UK).

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ENVX2001 or BIOM2001 or STAT2012 or STAT2912 or BIOL2022 or BIOL2922

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