Language and Society in Europe (EUST2002)


Europe is characterised by a multiplicity of languages and the consciousness of linguistic diversity permeates its societies. We will examine the complexities of language in Europe by examining issues such as multilingualism and diglossia, official vs minority languages, EU language policy, and questions of language and identity. Drawing upon case studies from European contexts, we explore key issues of language usage, such as different interactional styles, aspects of linguistic interaction, and the broader workings of power and politics in language.

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1x2hr lecture-seminar/week


1x750wd tutorial written test (15%), 1xTutorial presentation (equivalent to 1500wds) (20%), 1x750wd annotated bibliography (15%), 1x3000wd Essay (40%), Tutorial participation (10%)

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12 Junior credit points from (European Studies, International and Global Studies, Sociology, Arabic Language and Cultures, French Studies, Germanic Studies, Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies, Italian Studies, Modern Greek Studies, Spanish, Latin American Studies, GOVT1104, GOVT1105, GOVT1202, ENGL1009, ENGL1026, ENGL1011, HSTY1045, HSTY1032 or HSTY1044)

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