Sport and Exercise Psychology (EXSS3049)


This unit provides an introduction to the key psychological factors and explanatory frameworks relating to engagement, participation and adherence in exercise and sport. A broad array of topics is covered in the unit including: motivation, behavioural modification, addiction, anxiety, psychological skills training, sport performance, burnout & injury. Special consideration is given to facilitating exercise adherence, youth sport participation, the development of athletic performance, and how exercise and physical activity influences psychological function and well-being. Practical applications are made in relation to exercise practitioners, including health promotion professions, exercise physiologists, as well as teachers and coaches across age and skill level.

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2 x 2-hr lecture /week for Weeks 1-4; 1 x 2-hr lecture/week for Weeks 5-9; 2-hr tutorial /week


mid semester exam (25%), facilitating behaviour change assignment (45%), knowledge dissemination assignment (30%)


Cox, R. H. (2007). Sport psychology: Concepts & applications. (7th ed). New York, NY: McGraw Hill.
Biddle, S., Mutrie,N., & Gorely, T. (2015). Psychology of physical activity: Determinants, well-being & interventions (2nd Ed). London: Routledge.

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BACH1161 or HSBH1003

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