Exercise Across the Lifespan (EXSS3050)


This unit covers the rationale and recommendations for the use of exercise and the promotion of physical activity from childhood through to old age, including those with chronic disease and disability. The student will explore evidence for the contribution of exercise to psychological health and well-being, improvement in body composition associated with poor health outcomes, and for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases and disability, including cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis, cognitive impairment, depression, diabetes, obesity, vascular disease, renal failure, and mobility impairment . Appropriate exercise modalities for older adults and implementing the exercise prescription in those with chronic disease and frailty as well as promoting behavioural change will also be taught.

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1x3-hr lecture/tutorial/week


Oral presentation and reference library preparation (20%), written end-semester examination (20%) and written group assignment (60%)

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EXSS2022 and EXSS2028 and EXSS3023

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