Projects in Exercise and Sport Science (EXSS3051)


The aim of this unit is to allow students to integrate knowledge from previous units of study in the exploration of a research question of their own interest. The unit is designed specifically for students who may be interested in pursuing a topic of their choice and evaluating the evidence for current practices. Topics covered include: critical evaluation of the literature, research design, research ethics, data collection and analysis and presentation of results. Activities and assessments will focus on practical applications in exercise and sport science. Emphasis will be placed on practical research skills and generic skills such as communication, teamwork, independent and critical thinking. Students who are planning on enrolling into Honours or a higher degree in research are encouraged to enrol in this unit.

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1-hr lecture/week, 2-hr practical or tutorial/week


2500 word lliterature review (50%), 500 word project proposal (10%), 15 minute presentation (40%)

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HSBH1007 or HSBH2007

Assumed knowledge

BIOS1168 and BIOS1169 and EXSS1018 and EXSS1032 and EXSS2022 and EXSS2025 and EXSS2028

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