Trading and Dealing in Security Markets (FINC3014)


This unit is concerned with the processes which turn orders into trades in securities markets, and the forces which mould and affect both order flow and order execution. The unit provides an introduction to some fundamental ideas about market design and structure. At the end of the unit, students should be able to understand (1) how the international markets for foreign exchange, swaps, bonds and equities are organised, (2) how trading is conducted in these markets and how these transactions are cleared, (3) how the markets are regulated, if they are supervised and what risks different counterparties face in these markets. The unit aims to equip students to independently analyse international investment and financing alternatives and to estimate expected returns and costs taking into account liquidity risk, price volatility and credit risk.

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1x 2hr lecture and 1x 1hr tutorial per week


tutorial participation (10%), mid-semester exam (20%), trading assignment (20%), final exam (50%)

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FINC2012 or FINC2002



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