Junior French 5 (Advanced) (FRNC1631)


This unit is designed for advanced-level students who have completed HSC Continuers or IB French. FRNC1631 will focus on consolidation of existing grammar, extension of vocabulary and development of communication skills. Students will be introduced to independent learning strategies essential for successful progression through French Studies at University of Sydney. An understanding of contemporary French society and culture will be enhanced through study of authentic written and audiovisual materials, including short stories and novel extracts.

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1x1-hr tutorial/week, 1x2-hr tutorial/week


1x500wd comprehension and written test in French (20%), 1x500 word written test in French (20%), 1x10-15 minute oral presentation in pairs in French (20%), 1x250wd peer assessment task in French (10%); 1x5-8 minute individual oral test (20%); tutorial par

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Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

IB Standard Level (less than Grade 7) or IB Higher Level (Grade 4-5), HSC French Continuers minimum of 80%


FRNC1501, FRNC1301, FRNC1101, FRNC1621, HSC French Continuers minimum of 95%, or (HSC French Continuers minimum of 90% and HSC French Extension minimum of 45%), FRNC1201, FRNC1611

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