Junior French 6 (Advanced) (FRNC1632)


This unit is a continuation of the Semester 1 unit FRNC1631. FRNC1632 focuses on reinforcing oral and written communication skills, consolidating essential university learning strategies introduced in Semester 1 (Oral Presentation, textual commentary) and introducing Essay-writing structure and independent research techniques. Students will also build on literary analysis techniques introduced in Semester 1, this time through the study of a contemporary novel.

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1x1hr tutorial/week, 1x2hr tutorial/week


2x2000wd writing task (50%), 2x1750wd aural comprehension (20%), 1x oral presentation (5mins, equivalent to 750wd) (20%), tutorial participation (10%)

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FRNC1631 or FRNC1301


FRNC1612 or FRNC1622 or FRNC1102 or FRNC1202 or FRNC1302 or FRNC1501

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