Personal and Professional Development 3 (GDMP2014)


On completion of this module students will have demonstrated knowledge of the foundations of health law and of the "Code of Conduct for Medical Practitioners: Good Medical practice" (the statement of the standard of conduct required of medical practitioners by the national professional registration board) and also of compliance with this Code (where appropriate). Students will also have demonstrated a foundational understanding of compassionate, ethical professional behaviour; the ability to work cooperatively as a member of a team accepting and providing leadership as appropriate; an understanding of the positive and negative personal impacts of a medical career and related concepts of stress; and the ability to observe discuss and reflect on individual experiences.

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Satisfactory completion of similar tasks to those required in Personal and Professional Development 1 (for instance the required library course is entitled: "Information Literacy Training - EBM Literature Searching for PEARLS") however the Health Law on-line module is not repeated. Note that students who miss more than 10% of tutorials in any Block of study may not be eligible to proceed to Stage 3 except by a specific decision of the Stage 2 Examination Committee. At the end of Stage 2, there will be a Barrier assessment that covers all units of study in Stages 1 and 2 except GDMP2025.

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