Child and Adolescent Health (GDMP3138)


Child and Adolescent Health is the Child and Adolescent Health Block undertaken by medical students enrolled in Stage 3 of the MBBS onwards. This is a Specialty Block.

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The Children's Hospital at Westmead, School of Rural Health and/or affiliated sites


In-Block assessments comprising 70% of total UoS mark including an Observed Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE), a written SBA summative assessment, and a short-answer Clinical Task Paper (CTP). In addition, the Child and Adolescent Health module in the Barrier exam will comprise 30% of the total Child and Adolescent Health mark and will contribute to the total Barrier score in Year 3/ Year 4 depending on the student's stream. 100% attendance is required.

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GDMP2021 and GDMP2022 and GDMP2023 and GDMP2024 and GDMP2025

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