Pre-Internship Term (GDMP4025)


The Pre-Internship Term aims to ease the transition to internship. Students are placed in locations by their Clinical Schools accredited by the Postgraduate Medical Council of New South Wales for intern training with programs modified to meet the special needs of final-stage students.

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Each student in the pre-internship phase will be responsible for his/her own learning, but with clear requirements for a final signing off at the end of Year 4.

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GDMP3131, GDMP3132, GDMP3133, GDMP3134, GDMP3135, GDMP3136, GDMP3137, GDMP3138, GDMP3016, GDMP3017, GDMP3018, GDMP3019, GDMP4016, GDMP4017, GDMP4018, GDMP4019 and [GDMP3109 or GDMP4110]

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