Contemporary Issues Genetic Counselling (GENC5012)


This unit will allow students to draw on previous course content as they examine and debate contemporary issues in genetic medicine, such as mental health and genetics, endocrine cancers, patient management issues, new risk assessment algorithms for breast cancer risk, personal genome sequencing and other issues as they arise. The course also aims to improve the student's ability to identify and address effectively the genetics educational needs of clients, community and lay groups, students, and health professionals and the strategies necessary for the development of educational materials and tools designed to assist in decision making and informed choice.

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9 x 1.5h lectures/tutorials. SMS-Northern, Kolling Institute, Royal North Shore Hospital, St Leonards. 6 hour session of student presentations for health professionals.


Selection of presentation topic for a non-genetic health professional (10%), presentation (20%), genetics education resource(50%) and log book of 100 hours professional development (20%)


Gaff, CL & Bylund, CL (Eds) (2010) Family Communication about Genetics: Theory and practice. Oxford University Press, UK; Rankin S and Duffy K (1998) Patient education: Issues, principles and guidelines. JB Lippincott Co Philadelphia; Hawe P, Degeling D and Hall J (1990) Evaluating health promotion: a health workers guide. Mclennan & Petty, Sydney; Centre for Genetics Education NSW health,; Doak, C, Doak, L. & Root, J. (1996). Teaching patients with low literacy skills. (2nd Ed). JB Lippincott Co, Philadelphia.

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Completion of all Stage 1 units of study

Assumed knowledge

Knowledge and skills gained in GENC5002 and GENC5009

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