Research Data Analysis (GENC5016)


This unit is a continuation of the supervised research project initiated at the beginning of the course and to be concluded in the final semester. The unit involves analysis of data provided to the student to be analysed using quantitative or qualitative data analysis methodology. The unit will enable students performing quantitative data analysis to experience qualitative data analysis techniques and vice versa. A statistician and experts in qualitative data analysis will be available to provide advice.

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Two workshops on data analysis and 1x 3 hour lecture on data collection/analysis; 7 x 2 hrs meetings/supervison with research supervisors and data collection


Two mini assignments (30% each) and two data analysis report (10% each); log book of data collection (20%)


Genetic Counseling Research: A Practical Guide (2014) by Ian MacFarlane, Patricia McCarthy Veach and Bonnie Leroy. Oxford University Press; Neumann W.L. (2012): Research Methods: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches (7th Edition) Pearson.

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GENC5020 and GENC5017

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Knowledge and skills gained in GENC5020

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