Cytogenetics (GENE4015)


This is a final year elective in the two degrees, BScAgr, and BAnVetBiosci. Approximately a half of the face-to-face contact hours will be given as an intensive, and this section of the unit will be held during the mid-year break before semester 2.  Lecture and practical work in cytogenetics, especially of plant and animal species of applied interest in plant agriculture, animal agriculture and other applied interest in animal genetics, such as companion, native and endangered species.  The lecture component covers the molecular nature of chromosomes and their transmission, variation in chromosome behaviour, both normal and disease related. In addition, the uses of chromosome engineering to produce variation in plants and animals will also be covered. The practical component covers the technologies used to study chromosomes or both plants and animals, both mitotic and meiotic chromosomes, and molecular techniques such as in situ hybridisation, gene activity and chromosomal protein localisation.  On completion, students will be able to apply cytogenetic knowledge and technologies to species of eukaryotes of economic significance, and know how cytogenetic processes have affected the development of these species.

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Equivalent of 2 lecture/tutorials & 3 practicals/week


1x1500wd Essay (25%), 1x750wd Practical report (10%) and 1x1000wd Fact Sheet (15%)
1x1200wd Laboratory report (20%), 1x2000wd Assignment (30%)

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(BIOM2001 or ENVX2001) and (GENE2001 or GENE2002)

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