Volcanoes, Hot Rocks and Minerals (GEOS2114)


This unit of study relates plate tectonics to a) volcanoes and magma systems that create them; b) the formation of precious metal and gemstone ores; and c) an understanding of how Earth's materials (minerals, rocks, rock formations, lithospheric plates etc.) respond to stresses and the forces that deform them. Methods of analysis involve studies at the microscopic scale (performed on thin sections) and the mesoscopic scale performed on hand specimens and outcrops. The unit includes a day field trip to study an extinct volcano in NSW. Practical work includes independent study of igneous systems, rocks and minerals employing both microscope-based techniques and computer modelling.

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Two 1 hour lectures and one 3 hour practical per week.


One 2 hour exam, practical reports, field trip report, group presentation (100%)

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A minimum of one unit of study from the following (GEOG1001, GEOL1001, GEOL1002, GEOS1003, GEOS1903, ENVI1002, GEOL1902, GEOL1501), and 24 credit points of Junior Science units of study.


GEOL2111 or GEOL2911 or GEOS2914

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An optional volcano field study trip to New Zealand's North Island in February is available for up to 20 students. Extra costs apply.

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