Global Energy and Resources (GEOS3102)


This unit examines the processes that form energy and mineral resources, outlines the characteristics of major fossil fuel and metal ore deposits and introduces the principles that underpin exploration strategies used to discover and develop geological resources. The unit will focus on a variety of topics including: coal; petroleum formation and migration, hydrocarbon traps and maturation; precious metal, base metal and gemstone deposit types; and exploration strategies. An integrated approach will relate tectonic processes through time to the formation of fossil fuel and mineral provinces. Practical exercises will introduce students to the techniques used to identify economically viable geological resources using a variety of exercises based on actual examples of resource exploration drawn from both the petroleum and minerals industry.

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Two 1-hour lectures and one 2-hour tutorial/practicals per week.


One 2-hour exam, practical and reports (100%).

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(GEOS2114 or GEOS2914) and (GEOS2124 or GEOS2924); or 24 credit points of Intermediate Science units of study and GEOS1003 and GEOS1903

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GEOS2114 and GEOS2124


GEOS3802 or GEOS3003 or GEOS3004 or GEOS3904 or GEOS3006 or GEOS3906 or GEOS3017 or GEOS3917 or GEOS3903

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