Geophysical Methods (GEOS3104)


This unit introduces the common geophysical methods used to investigate the interior and dynamics of the Earth and focuses on the techniques used for mineral and hydrocarbon exploration. On completion of this unit students will have developed a thorough understanding of the common geophysical methods utilised in industry and academia. They will be able to evaluate and critically assess most forms of geophysical data as well as actively participate in geophysical exploration. The course will provide the students with the computational skills to process different types of geophysical data and link them to simulations of Earth processes through time, especially focussing on linking deep Earth and surface processes, such as subsidence/uplift and erosion/sedimentation. The unit is aimed at students with interests in land-based and marine exploration, plate tectonics, internal earth structure/dynamics, and near-surface investigations of groundwater resources and environmental pollution. Students wishing to specialise in the field and become professional geophysicists will need to expand upon the geophysics knowledge gained from this unit and either complete an honours project or progress to postgraduate coursework in this field.

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Two 1 hour lectures and one 3 hour practical class per week.


One 2 hour exam (50%), practical work (50%)

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24 credit points of Intermediate Science units of study or ((GEOS2114 or GEOS2914) and (GEOS2124 or GEOS2924))


GEOS3804 or GEOS3003 or GEOS3006 or GEOS3016 or GEOS3017 or GEOS3903 or GEOS3906 or GEOS3916 or GEOS3917 or GEOS3004

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