Senior German 3 (GRMN2613)


Using the most recent textbook materials which conform to both the European and International reference frameworks, this unit is designed to consolidate and extend students' command of the German language by practising both written, oral/aural and comprehension skills at a level higher than the level already completed. At the completion of this unit students will have reached the equivalent of the 'Zertifikat Deutsch'.

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1x2-hr seminar/week, 1x1-hr seminar/week


1x1000wd reading comprehension test (10%), 1x300wd writing test (15%), 1x1000wd oral presentation (15%), 2x150wd vocabulary / grammar tests (10%), 1x800wd listening comprehension test (10%), 10x150wd take-home exercises (10%), 1x2-hr exam (30%)


Kuhn, Christina et al. (2010): studio d - Die Mittelstufe B2/1. Berlin: Cornelsen

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Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

GRMN2612 or GRMN1222 or GRMN2222


GRMN2311, GRMN1322, GRMN2342, GRMN1311, GRMN2362, GRMN2351, GRMN2322, GRMN2331

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