Senior German 8 (GRMN2618)


Using current materials, this unit is designed to consolidate and extend students' command of the German language by practising both written, oral/aural and comprehension skills at a level higher than the level already completed. In this unit students will especially acquire a good foundation on the specific structure of the German language and its background.

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1x2hr seminar/week, 1x1hr seminar/week


1x1500wd presentation (15%), 1x250wd text production test (15%), 1x2200wd listening / grammar comprehension test (10%), 1x2500wd class test (20%), 1x2-hr exam (40%)

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Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

GRMN2617, GRMN2617, GRMN2617


GRMN2362, GRMN2362, GRMN2362

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