Dissertation (GSDD5009)


Dissertation is an opportunity to undertake an advanced investigation in a topic or issue in developmental disability through the development of either a proposal for independent research on that topic or a substantial paper that demonstrates the application of scholarly literature to an important issue. On completion of this unit, students will have gained research skills and experience of formulating a problem, of designing a study using the most appropriate methodology, and of drawing conclusions. Thus, the dissertation will provide an ideal preparation for those who choose to go on to postgraduate research. This unit forms a capstone for Masters students and must be taken toward the end of the students course, typically as a final or near final unit of study. Students must initially develop a short proposal and discuss this with the unit coordinator, who will organise a suitable supervisor. Approval from coordinator is required prior to enrolling in this unit.

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1000wd proposal (10%), 11000 word research essay or research proposal (90%)

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NB: Not available to students enrolled in Graduate Certificate (Developmental Disability) course. Enrolment in or satisfactory completion of all core units of study for the Master of Health Science (Developmental Disability) is required. Students must have achieved an average result of 75% (distinction) or better across all units of study to be eligible to enrol. Subject to the availability of appropriate supervision.

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