Strategic Administration (GSOG6003)


Designed for advanced practitioners, this unit will explore six key strategic themes in public administration. The legislative and regulatory frameworks of NSW and other jurisdictions will be reviewed to provide a better understanding of how these affect macro-governance of the public sector. Case studies will be used to illustrate techniques and skills for managing and facilitating policy as well as delivering services within these frameworks. Explanations will be given of different models and techniques for negotiating agency, cross-agency and centre-of-government consultation and decision-making processes. Various theoretical and applied frameworks for ethics and policy will be examined as well as for personal and corporate responsibility, the political process and managing relationships with ministers. The notion of the 'contract state' will be reviewed, particularly in the context of designing and executing complex private-sector contracts. Consideration will be given to the nature and culture of organisations, particularly the ways they manage changes in their work force and workplace that have been introduced in response to external and internal stimuli. The impact of globalisation, and the response of various public sectors to terrorism will be reviewed as well as the influence these have had on international business dealings and trans-national contracting. Theories and practical examples will be presented of adjusting to, understanding and anticipating social, political and economic change and its impact.

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1x8hr seminar/week, 8.30am-4.30pm Friday, weeks 1 to 4 and weeks 8 to 10


1x1000wd Comparative critical summary (30%), 1x1500wd Group proposal (10%), 1x20-min group presentation (20%), 1x2000wd Essay (40%)


GSOG6003 unit reader; Geoff Mulgan (2009) The Art of Public Strategy: Mobilizing Power and Knowledge of the Common Good.

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Students who are not enrolled in the GCPA, GDPA or MPAdmin must have the permission of the Director, Graduate School of Government, to undertake this unit of study.

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