Analysing Health Policy (HPOL5003)


This unit aims to develop skills for undertaking policy research and analysis. The unit takes a multidisciplinary approach to familiarise students with fundamental frameworks and methodologies that can be applied to analyse policy from public health, social and political sciences, public policy and history.
Learning outcomes. By the end of the unit students will be able to: (i) Apply a critical analysis to questions of policy success or failure; (ii) Understand and explain the different methodological approaches that can be applied in policy research; (iii) Identify appropriate research methodologies, data collection methods and analysis for specific policy research questions; (iv) Design a health policy research project.

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Block mode with compulsory Intensive workshops on Campus. 2 x two day workshops plus online discussion


1x2500 word assignment (40%), 1x3500 word policy research project proposal (60%)


Sarantakos, S. (2005). Social Research (3rd ed.). New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Other required and recommended readings and reference lists will be available through eLearning

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