Health Policy Project (HPOL5009)


In this unit students undertake an independent research project and develop a complete policy for implementation in the real world. This unit is a capstone project that builds on the skills developed in HPOL5008. Students will choose an approved policy project. This can be drawn from their work experience or identified with the assistance of their academic mentor. By the conclusion of the project, students will have developed a policy document including: a critical literature review; an appraisal of relevant evidence and possible options; an analysis of the environment in which the policy will be introduced; a communication strategy, and; implementation, evaluation and accountability mechanisms. The project will be presented at the final student workshop.
Learning outcomes: By the end of this unit students will be able to: (i) identify the features supporting and resisting the policy change, and the strategies required to facilitate adoption of the change; (ii) understand and analyse the key components of policy development; (iii) effectively research, write and communicate a new policy.

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Block mode 2 x 1 day workshops plus online or online only


1x abstract (5%), 1x5000 word policy document (65%), and 1xclass presentation (30%)

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HPOL5003 and HPOL5008

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