International Health (HSBH3009)


This unit examines theoretical and practical issues confronting global health professionals, especially in low resource settings. The unit introduces students to: a) historical, political and economic forces that influence the health of populations around the world and contribute to international health inequities; and b) international health practices, including key actors and initiatives, as well as challenges and strategies for working in post-colonial and cross-cultural contexts. Examples of topics covered include health, poverty and inequality, globalisation and trade, foreign aid and development assistance. The unit also provides an introductory overview of contemporary international health challenges such as humanitarian crises and climate change. Students will undertake an in-depth study of a global health issue, exploring the context in which it emerged and the forces that propel it, and advocate for actions to improve the issue in a specific local context and population group.

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1x2-hour lecture/week, 1x1-hr online tutorial/week


Tutorial presentation (20%); tutorial participation/attendance (10%); online activities (20%), and report 2 000 words (50%)

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(HSBH1006 and (HSBH1007 or HSBH2007) and HSBH1008 and HSBH1009) or (BACH1161)



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