FHS Abroad (HSBH3012)


This unit provides students with the opportunity to gain international experience in a health services setting in a developing country. Students will participate in a 4-6 week placement with a community based organisation in South or South East Asia. They will participate in local development programs, living within the community that they are visiting, and report on their experiences working with the local community. Participants in the FHS Abroad program develop skills in: - assessing the welfare requirements of individuals, groups and communities - assisting individuals, groups and communities in relation to health and rehabilitation - assisting individuals, groups and communities to utilise their own resources to improve their wellbeing - communicating with young children, parents and other professionals - planning, organising and implementing programmes for the care of adults and children in their host community - demonstrating project management skills including time management and reporting abilities; - demonstrating cross-cultural sensitivity and the ability to adapt to new environments; - developing an awareness of complex global health issues;

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1x6-hr briefing session,1x4-hr debriefing session, and online learning activities


Pre placement briefing paper (20%), reflective diary (30%), report (40%) and oral presentation (10%).

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Successful completion of all 1st year units in an undergraduate FHS degree

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