Mental Health Rehabilitation (HSBH3015)


Poor mental health poses a major challenge to our society, and health care professionals, among others, are charged with 'making a difference'. To do so, they need to be equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge of effective mental health approaches and interventions. This unit will overview major mental health conditions and significant social, philosophical, and historical influences on health care service delivery and reform to provide a context for contemporary rehabilitation practice. Students will be introduced to the goals, values and guiding principles of psychiatric rehabilitation and to practices that aim to address the culture of stigma and low expectations by society of people with mental health conditions. Rehabilitation interventions that have demonstrated efficacy in promoting recovery by reducing obstacles to participation for people with mental health conditions will be examined. Local and international research underpinning best practice in rehabilitation management and service delivery will be reviewed and consumer perspectives and experiences explored.

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2x online tests (30%) ,1x2000wd essay (50%) and participation (20%)

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(HSBH1006 and (HSBH1007 or HSBH2007) and HSBH1008 and HSBH1009) or (48 credit points of previous study with a miminum of 24 from Intermediate units of study)



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