Individual and Societal Ageing (HSBH3016)


This unit offers students an insight into the challenges and opportunities associated with population ageing and what is required to meet the needs of the increasing numbers of older people and those who will interact with them. It addresses the social and individual dimensions of ageing, health and well-being and the transitions that occur in later life. There will be an emphasis on the policy and practice implications of an ageing society and the role of various public and private providers (government, health care practitioners, family, voluntary) in providing services and care to older people. Students will be expected to develop a critical understanding of the issues related to ageing and the life course and gain an understanding of initiatives and policy debates relating to population ageing and quality of life of older people, their families and carers.

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2x1-hr lecture, 1x1-hr tutorial/week


1500wd essay (30%), tutorial and online activities (30%) and 1hr exam (40%)

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BACH1161 or HSBH1003 or HSBH1008

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Bachelor of Health Sciences students must have completed 24 credit points of HSBH junior units for enrolment into this unit. All other students must have completed 48 credit points.

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