Disability, Sport and Social Inclusion (HSBH3017)


The primary goal of this unit is to inform the understandings and practices of our future allied health professionals and health policymakers about: 1) sports participation from a disabled as well as able-bodied perspective (via reverse integration); 2) the dominant medical model of disability and how that shapes the approach of health professions towards people with impairments; 3) the social model of disability; 4) the potential role of sport, not just in the physical, but also the psychological and social rehabilitation, of people with impairments; 5) sport, not just as a physical activity, competition or leisure activity but as a social institution, which arises out of particular social and historical contexts in accordance with the interests of dominant social groups (ie able-bodied, medical profession); 6) how sporting practice is heavily shaped by social structures like gender and ableism but also that people who facilitate sport (like health professionals) are not completely constrained by these structures because ableism is ultimately either reproduced or challenged by everyday practices, attitudes and behaviours; 7) the role of sport in either promoting or reproducing the social inclusion and/or exclusion of people with impairments; 8) how sport can be emancipatory at the lived/embodied level; and 9) the role of sport in the lives of people with an intellectual disability.

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1x2-hr lecture and 1x1hr tutorial week


2 x short answer assignments (2x15%), 1500wd written assignment (40%), Group Presentation (30%)

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BACH1161 or HSBH1003 or HSBH1008

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Students must have completed 48 credit points to enrol in this unit.

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