Research Team Engagement (HSBH3020)


Students will join an established research team for one semester and contribute to the team's activities. With peers engaged in similar experiences, students will also participate in a fortnightly seminar designed to foster specific skills, including problem solving. For the practical component, students will spend at least 4 hours per week with a Faculty-based research team, engaging with the team and attending team meetings. For the seminar, students will meet fortnightly in a 2-hour peer-mentoring seminar with a Faculty mentor (an experienced researcher). Each student will take responsibility for leading a seminar under the guidance of the mentor. The overall aims are for students to: 1) work with a functioning research team to contribute to the production of knowledge, 2) take responsibility for their development as researchers and contribute to the development of peers, 3) take on the values of a researcher (e.g., respect for evidence, tolerance of ambiguity, courage, rigour, scepticism, persistence). At the completion of the unit, each student will be competent to: 1) perform supervised activities contributing to the success of a research team (e.g. obtain relevant information, collect valid and reliable data, maintain and use equipment; enter data into relevant programs), 2) synthesise a subset of research findings within a given framework and present them in a clear and meaningful way, 3) contribute in a reflective way to peer mentoring: giving, receiving and acting on constructive, thoughtful feedback.

Further unit of study information


2-hr seminars/fortnight


Letter of introduction to research team (0%barrier task), participation in peer mentoring seminars (20%), seminar presentation (30%) and 2000wd report (50%)


Recommended readings on qualitative quantitative research,
specific readings specific to project assigned by research teams.

Faculty/department permission required?


Unit of study rules

Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

96 credit points of units

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