Microscopy and Histochemistry Theory (HSTO3001)


The aims of this unit of study are to provide a theoretical understanding of why biological tissues need to be specifically prepared for microscopic examination, how differing methods yield different types of morphological information; to allow students to study the theory of different types and modalities of microscopes, how they function and the differing information they provide; to develop an understanding of the theory of why biological material needs to be stained for microscopic examination; to allow students to understand how biological material becomes stained; to develop an understanding of the chemical information provided by biological staining - dyes, enzymes and antibodies.

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Usually four 1-hour lectures per week plus a few tutorials


One 2-hour theory exam, essay, mid semester quiz (100%)


Keirnan, J.A. Histological & Histochemical Methods. 4th edition. Scion. 2008.

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Unit of study rules


[a mark of 65 or above in (ANAT2008)] or [an average mark of 65 or above in(BMED2401 and BMED2402 and BMED2405)]

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