Microscopy & Histochemistry Practical (HSTO3002)


The aims of this unit of study are to provide an practical understanding of why biological tissues need to be specifically prepared for microscopic examination, to apply different methods to gain different types of morphological information; to allow students to learn to use the different types & modalities of microscopes: to gain first hand experience of how they function & see for themselves the differing information they provide; to learn to stain biological material for microscopic examination; applying their theoretical knowledge & to allow students to develop practical skills in diverse histochemical staining procedures - dyes, enzymes and antibodies.

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Usually 4 hours practical per week


One 1.5-hour practical exam, one practical report, mid semester quiz (100%)


Keirnan, JA. Histological & Histochemical Methods. 4th edition. Scion. 2008.

Faculty/department permission required?


Unit of study rules

Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

Credit grade or better in ANAT2008. For BMedSc: Credit average in (BMED2401 and BMED2402 and BMED2405) or Credit average in (BMED2801 and BMED2802 and BMED2806 and BMED2804).



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